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    Angry I hate the NY knicks and Don Chaney

    talk about boring. Foul with 2 secs left up to so the other team cant shoot a 3 to tie. I mean yes, smart, but talk about boring. I would be pissed if I paid to see this game live. I bet cards on it and im mad at it.

    Im from NY and the Knicks and Chaney are a discrace. Anyone ever want to bet cards on NY Ill take the other team, even the CLippers.

    Anti-NY fan here
    I collect:
    NY Giants (especially Eli Manning, Evan Engram, Sterling Sheppard, Landon Collins)
    NFL and NBA Rookies of players that became impact players within their sports.
    Unlike many collectors, I am not big on Game Used cards. Will gladly trade GU cards for RCS!

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    the Knicks are a farce of a team, and what's even worse is that if you want to attend a game in person at MSG, you have to mortgage your house.

    it's almost the same thing here in LA at Staples Center, but at least the Lakers are winning.....until Kobe and Shaq are gone, lolol

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