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Thread: I Am Done Buying Retail!

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    Thumbs down I Am Done Buying Retail!

    Over the last couple weeks, I've spent over $100 buying retail packs/boxes and I have got nothing but complete JUNK!

    Out of 40-50 packs, I've gotten 2 inserts :

    Dan Marino Membership (out of Donruss Classics) worth $10

    Ronald Bellamy Topps Chrome Black Refractor #'d to 100 worth squat

    Now I don't expect to pull $500 inserts but this is crazy. Everyone knows that if you want to get something decent, you need to pull inserts. Retail with their extremely high pull ratios just aren't worth it. Next time I feel like spending money, I'll just buy stuff off eBay.

  2. Kronozio
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    Ouch! looks like a bit of bad luck! I'd recommend Toys R Us boxes if you ever buy more retail. I've only bought one so far, and even with my terrible luck I got a great box! One of the best ever for retail IMO!

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    If you go eBay (and watch who you buy from) you usually can get stuff for quite cheap. My Bowman's Best box... on websites the cheapest I saw it for was $129 + shipping... I paid $100 for my box after shipping from eBay. So no more retail for me. Can't wait till I get my Bowman Chrome football case!

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    wow, a bowman chrome case! wish I could afford that. LMK if you pull a foster, seidman, or ricky manning. I could use those :)

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    Will do...

    I got a nice deal on a 6 box case so said what the hell since I sold off all my eTopps. It goes live on Nov 24th so I should know if I pull any of those guys shortly after.

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    Bummer Iggy, I hope you get something sweet out of the BC case!!

    I just bought one of the Target $14.99 "Excell Marketing" Football 12 pack boxes with the free auto, I got a 99 Skybox Autographics of Ahman Green :D

    I was very happy with that pull!!

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    This sucks... I'm pissed... I keep reading about all you getting good pulls from target packs when I pull crap!

    Rima, me and you are fighting now!!!

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    Then you probably don't want to hear about the Steve Young Auto I pulled from one of those exact same packs today then huh? lol

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    I saw that post already big guy... you're also on my craplist.

    I'ma start sending you people money to buy packs and send them to me. I have no luck whatsoever.

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    buying retail made sense back in the good ol' days of the mid1980s, where you can buy a pack of 1986 football Topps for less than $0.50 and pull out a Jerry Rice....

    now, packs cost $3.99 each (unless you buy the entire damn box), so you're already in the hole unless you pull a desirable GU/AU

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