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    Anybody interested in nomars fiancea auto photo

    I have a (actually my mother inlaw has ) a autographed framed picture of Mia Hamm( I think thats how you spell her name!)! She is the soocer player for the United States Soccer team! It has a COA and is valued at $200.00. If you are interested PM me with an offer! I can possbly get you a scan if ya want. LMK and God Bless!!

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    any offer will be considered! I can scan it if you want to see it!

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    $$ offer or trade offer? Who is the COA from? Can I see a scan? I would possibly trade for it....LMK

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    give me a little time and I will get it all scaned later! It isnt mine so a trade wouldnt work! If you like it just make an offer and we can go from there! My mother in law said she would trade it for 2 or 3 rolls of stamps if nobody wanted it so I guess that could be atrade!!!! d:/) I will get back to ya later!

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