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    anyone willing to help the kids

    I am gathering cards any sport for my local Childrens Hospital (WVU Childrens Hospital) I have had a couple guys send me cards already and I am trying to put a huge lot together to brighten all these sick kids days. PLMK If you can help accepting anything from 1 card on up everything helps/ This is your chance to get rid of your commons and anything else you have packed away collecting dust.
    All I ask is that you pm me with the sport and approx amount you will send.


    Wayne Allen
    413 Church St
    West Union, WV 26456

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    Would non-sport cards, such as Pokemon, help, too? I'll go through my commons, and I'm pretty sure I can contribute.
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    yea i have about 5-10000 cards i want rid of how would i ship those?

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    hobbyfan-- yes im sure the kids would love them also

    jsmeltz---ive had most people help send them parcel post anyway they get here is greatly appriciated. You can even send in smaller lots im going to the hospital Christmas EVE so we have plenty of time

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