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    Does anyone know the prices of 03-04 hardcourt?

    if they do please let me know and if possible they can list it. Thanks

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    have any base you dont want or would trade for base or inserts? im collecting the set. PLMK

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    I only have one double from the set so far, its T. Prince. I will send it for you free for feedback. Do you need it? Please PM me your address if you want it. Thanks

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    The entire set is priced in the latest Beckett, with LeBron on the cover. Too many to list them all here.

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    can you just tell me the price of a complete set without sp, micheal jordan heart of a champion # 10, chris bosh rc, and lebron gu floor card LB-1. If you could, that would be a very great help. Thanks

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    The complete set w/o SP's is 40.00.

    The Bosh RC isn't listed, but # RC's to 1999 are 6.00, and # RC's to 799 are 15.00.

    MJ Heart of Champion's are 6.00 (silver 12.00, gold 25.00).

    The LeBron Floor cards are all 30.00.

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    I have these base for trade if anyone is interested?
    2003-04 NBA HARDCOURT #6,#11,#16,#22,#26,#27,#37,#38,#39#47,#49,#56,#68,
    I have some more but am still looking through my stacks. Will post later.
    Peace and Regards

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