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Thread: Nomar GU Jersey For Trade...

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    Nomar GU Jersey For Trade...

    I have a 2003 Leaf Away Nomar Garciaparra Jersey(Gray) #d/250 BV $20 For Trade or sell..

    I will sell it for $10

    LMK if you are interested in trading for it or buying it..


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    Hey what would you take for it.


    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Shaquille O'Neal (Road Jersey)
    03-04 UD NBA Championship Drive Ryan Humphrey rc #ed 283/400
    03-04 UD MVP SS Andre Kirilenko
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Tyson CHandler (road Jersey)
    94-95 Topps Stadium Club Jason Kidd rc
    00-01 Press Pass Jaquay Walls Auto
    93-94 Skybox Chris Weber rc
    04-05 UD MVP Josh Howard rc
    04-05 UD MVP Ken Johnson rc
    04-05 UD MVP Zoran Planinic rc
    04-05 UD MVP CHris Kaman rc
    04-05 UD MVP Aleksandar Pavlovic rc
    04-05 UD MVP Kirk Hinrich rc
    04-05 UD MVP Maciej Lampe rc
    04-05 UD MVP Troy Bell rc
    04-05 UD MVP Marcus Banks rc
    04-05 UD MVP Dwayne Wade rc
    04-05 UD MVP Zarko Cabarkapa rc
    04-05 UD MVP Nick Collison rc
    99-00 UD Ovation Dermar Johnson rc #ed 110/2000
    02-03 UD Flight Team Morris Peterson Gu
    01-02 Fleer Platinum Mike Miller
    02-03 Fleer Hoops Stars Paul Pierce Game Worn Jacket


    03-04 Topps Terrel Suggs rc
    03-04 Score Larry Johnson rc
    03-04 Score Dave Ragone rc
    03-04 Score Byron Leftwich rc
    01-02 SP Gameused Editon Warren Sapp
    02-03 UD Mvp Clinton Portis RC
    03-04 Score Terence Newman rc
    03-04 Score Terrel Suggs rc
    02-03 UD Sweet Spot Josh McCown rc Jersey
    03-04 Topps Byron Leftwich rc


    02-03 UD Honro Roll Sammy Sosa
    02-03 Bowmans Signature Adam Johnson Auto
    03-04 Fleer Authentix Josh Beckett Jersey/Ticket (2 color) (traded)
    99-00 Topps Austin Kearns/Chris George rc
    03-04 Topps Heritage Dontrelle Willis rc
    02-03 Fleer Hot Prospects Barry Bonds (piece of base)
    02-03 Big League Challenge Barry Bonds (piece of home plate)

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    I didn't see anything on your list...what is the BV of the sosa honor roll?

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    I see you have received the Bonds.

    I still havn't received the Beckett yet.
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