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Thread: Will pay card cash for....

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    Will pay card cash for....

    any Aaron Brooks or Deuce Mcallister cards. You set the amount of cardcash wanted per card.

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    check my site i have a #ed Deuce McAllister RC

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    I've got these for 10 cc to $1 BV:

    Brooks, Aaron 1999 C.E. 1st Place RC #168 (BV $5)

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    steelersrock: Thanks but I dont need that card.
    brunell8 : I can use it.

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    Cool, if that amount of cc works for you, transfer it and pm your address. I'll send the card immediately following.

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    20 CC delivered sound good to you?


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    PM me if you agree to that or want to make me another offer. I don't check here very often.


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