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    Trading Basketball for this P.C. Game and DVD's

    I am trading basketball cards or DVD's that I have for these...

    Lord of The Rings the Two Towers
    The Matrix 1 and 2

    P.C. Game
    EverQuest and all Expansions
    EverQuest Account



  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have everqyest and the kunark expansion dont know how much value you would trade for them but lmk

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    well the brand new 3 pack is like 30 so it would be worth about $10 to me ill trade you this Jersey card for it...

    03 Topps Prestine Rookie Club Predrag Savovic Shorts #PRC-PS BV is $12

    Thanks LMK

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    No thanks I would be looking for more as I can sell it for more cash than a 12 bv gu card.

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    what kind of cards do you have any 03-04 basketball rookies?

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    iciro ...where would you sell it for that much ...the 3 pack brand new is only $30 ...and you only have the first 2

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    sorry matrix ...I dont collect basketball anymore so I only have older stuff...

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    acuall i have kunark and velious, and i can get 15 store credit at my gamestop for it. so i think its worth more than a 12 bv gu or a crummy player

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    Ok then if it has all Kunark and Velous Ill trade for $15-20 ...check out my tradelist and let me know if you like anything...


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