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    I'm interested in this one:
    2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics logo patches Mark Mcgwire

    Any idea what the bv is?

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    2003 Topps Gallery HOF Frank Robinson bat piece

    I need this. Check my site. Nine of my vinatge GU are for trade, I don't even know why they are on there.

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    I also like the McGwire patch, what's the bv and what uniform is he pictured in? Thanks

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    lprimus- your site wouldn't load. BV is $25. looking for players in my sig

    WebbforROY - bv is $15 didn't see anything i could use

    mad48050- bv is $25 and is logo of a's. I like Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum Signatures Auto 015/100 Angel Berroa
    00 SP Authentic Chirography Auto Vernon Wells

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    Hmmm. Loads for me. Weird.

    Here's what A's GU's I have:
    2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Scrapbook #SB-2 (454/500) - Mark Mulder (Grey Jsy)
    2002 Upper Deck Ovation Diamond Futures #DF-BZ - Barry Zito (White Jsy)
    2003 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits #PP/BZ – Barry Zito (White Jsy)
    2003 Leaf Shirt Off My Back #16 (379/500) - Mark Mulder (Grey Jsy)


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    i would like to check your site out. can you write it out rather than me click on your www and see if that works?

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