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    HUGE tradelist...must lookat deals must be made!!

    All cards are for trade.....
    PLEASE p.m me with an offers with tradelist html attched
    01 santana moss fleer tradition glossy /2001
    02 patrick ramsey topps reserve /999
    02 patrick ramsey bowman chrome
    02 joey harrington girdion kings
    02 david carr girdion kings
    02 david carr fleer maximum /3500
    02 david carr fleer
    02 jerermy shockey leaf rookies and stars
    02 Albert Hanswerth Bowman chrome x-fractor /250
    03 brad banks finest auto /999
    03 dave ragone press pass gold auto 001/100!
    03 byron leftwich prestige draft paicks /2003
    let me know asap i may not have ne refrences yet but i am affiliataed with cardking80 who has 15+ positive feedback....feel free to p.m him as well if you have ne questions.:hop:

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