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Thread: star lots for sale cheap.

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    star lots for sale cheap.

    hey everyone, i have lots of star players im trying to sell. lots are between 10-20 cards. lmk, which players you interested in and ill let you know what i have. i will sell very cheap so just let me know. example: i will sell a lot of like 16 griffey cards for 3 delivered. most cards are from the newer sets like donruss classics, fleer genuine, etc. just give me a player and ill make a lot. thanks. ted.

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    Are you willing to trade? I am looking for specific players mostly "common" cards. I buy lots on ebay now and I am getting a few doubles and triples of some cards. I would like to find that cards that I am looking for. If you are interested let me know. I don't have all my pedro martinez cards listed on my web page. If you are interested let me know and I will get a list together.

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    mmorgan, lmk what players you are looking for first and ill see what i can do, thanks. anyone else? im selling for cheap!

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    I am looking for the same players listed on my wantlist. I do collect insert and other cards from these players but I am looking to fill my wantlist first. I have too many cards to list but I will take a look at any other cards offered.

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