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    Thumbs up Grab Bags only $1! BV $5-$10! GREAT DEAL!

    Grab bags of x number of cards are only $1 each! These won't be 72 cards of 87-92 crap; these are newer. I can go by team, player, brand, whatever. I will try to get as close to $10 as I possibly can. Every grab bag will contain at least two stars or one insert, and if you're lucky, you'll hit the jackpot! I have two completed now, anyone who wants these or has a request LMK!

    a.) 7 cards, $10 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia, 2002
    b.) 15 cards, $5 Score Rookie Traded

    Thanx, and I hope to deal with you,


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    i dont think anyone will pay 1dollar for 5 dollar bv sorry... maybe try going for like 20 dollars wit 15 cards maybe youll get some hit.. jmo... :)

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    If you aren't interested, then don't post. The mods have said that like a million times. And besides, like I said, they'll be as close to $10 as I possibly can get 'em.
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