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    want to fonosh 71 topps Baseball by the new year.

    as you can see.. I cannot spell right, BUT....

    I need 63 more cards to finish.

    Pls lmk if you have any

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    I don't know if your looking to buy or not but I found this on ebay and thought it might help.

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    thx, but I only need 63 cards and I'm gonna try to pick them up in trade.. Believe it or not, I only have about 145.00 bucks invested in this set!

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    You need Rollie Fingers? I've got it but I don't know the card number.

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    it's #384.. I have it , but need to upgrade mine, Would you have a scan?

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    I don't have a scan but I can make one. I don't think it's in the best of condition but it is 32 years old. I'll see if I can find it and get a scan made later.

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