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Thread: Please any body

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    Angry Please any body

    hey come on some ones got to have a brendan haywood or a tayshaun prince gu auto or any rc or nembered cards not base tho plmk what you have
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    Prince SPX and another Auto (hard to get) also pulled a Haywood #d card (maybe rookie) from Fleer Force. Id have to check the year and detials. PM me if you need it

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    Brendan Haywood All-access jersey

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    5 Prince Rookie Cards
    2* 2002 Sage Hit Rookie Card #16
    2* 2002 Sage Hit RARIFIED Rookie Card #R29
    1 2002 Fleer Tradition Playground Rules Rookie Insert Card 23 of 30PR
    Want to get rid of all 5 lmk
    Peace and Regards

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    i'll trade for them I'll trAde a darko millic topps redemtion rc bv 6 and maybe a c-web gold /99 plmk

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    sorry but I already have like 5-10 Darko topps rookies. I do like the C-Webb gold /99. I would like to trade all five ROOKIES for any 1 of your GU basketball your choice. plmk
    Peace and Regards

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    hey what abouta all right auto thats not on my site for the rc the bv is2 the cweb is12

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