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Thread: What are people buying?

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    Talking What are people buying?

    I've just seen everyone else buying cards,and wondered what do people want?
    I have un-certified autos,cards of people like Prior that you can see on my web, and cards of stars and retired players.
    I don't have any game-used or autos but do have some #'d!!
    LMK if anyone is looking for someone can buy through paypal!!
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    maybe you should see when you restrict yurself to paypal, you eliminate a lot of potential buyers.

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    Yea but I've been doing cash and have been waiting 3 weeks for people to follow through with their stuff. No can do!!
    Someone even blocked my pms and never sent his $5!!
    Half the people don't even work with me!!
    That's why!!

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    I think its better to wait 3 weeks to get cash then to never get any business with only accepting paypal because not many people use it. Just my opinion.


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    I'd buy (paypal) if you have any of these. Thanks.....Dan

    2003 Finest Refractor NEED list.
    1-4-7-11-15-16-17-19-20-23-26-28-31-32-33-36-39-41-42-43-51-52-55-57-59-62-64-67-68-69-79-81-82-84-86-94-95-97-101 auto-102 auto-103 auto-105 auto-110 auto

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    I would buy cards I NEED of:
    Dontrelle Willis
    Miguel Cabrera
    Juan Pierre
    Carlos Beltran
    Jody Gerut
    Victor Martinez
    Jeff Duncan
    2002 Topps Traded
    2003 Topps Traded

    PLMK what you have.

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    Sportnut---I know,I know!!
    I'm just im=patient and not looking to do major selling,but just make a buck here and there for my paypal account.
    I have a 2000 UD Juan Pierre, yuo can have it for an SASE or if you buy something in future.

    Dunndeal---Don't have an!!
    Sorry man!

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