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    i got baseball players hof addresses

    hey i am signed up for a website card where they can locate any star well for 10 cc per player request i will send his addresse via e-mail 98 percent of the time they will autograph somthing the 2 percent its returned to sender i sent a baseball to ernie banks and i got it back signed!!! so if your interested let me know and yes this is real cause i also go rober boyd warren spahns autographs from that place to just by writing a nice letter to where they live

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    Why should I give you 10 cc when I can go there myself and get it?.. BTW... half of the addresses are out dated.

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    well are you a member there because you have to be a member to get the addresses

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    Well, I just went there and they finnaly updated there stuff, It was free the last time I was there and that was in february.
    The addy's were so outdated it was pathetic.

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    i know they were before but since there is a membership alot of things are up to date and they update it daily but if you want any for 10 cc per player let me know

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    Im not to knowledgeable on baseball but it Ozzie SMith in the HOF? If so......does it have his address? please let me know. Thanks
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    yes he is in the hall of fame and yes he does have 2 addresse to write to and they both work so if you can send me 10 cc ill send you the addrsse right away

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