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    Arrow For $5 you can get this....(Packs involved)

    For only a mere $5 you can get the following:

    1.) An unopened pack of cards. I can make "custom" packs, too, by request, that have an insert/parallel rate of 1:1! Same goes for opened packs;I will put the exact cards in there + if there wasn't an insert and I have one, I'll throw it in there. If you decide to trust me, of course.

    2. One serial #d card. I have some #d /2003 all the way to the single digits. Luck of the chance.

    3. One rookie card of at least a minor star. These won't be rookie cards of guys like Brent Abernathy, or Kyle Kane. Instead, think like Juan or Luis Gonzalez, maybe a Kaz Ishii, stuff like that. Requsts can be taken.

    4. (Ten) cards of your favorite team or player. Newer stuff;mainly late 90s, 2000s. No commons, like Abernathy or such, unless you want them.

    I have one package that includes an UNOPENED pack--I won't tell ya which one, all I'll say is that it's from 2003 and it's from Upper Deck. If you want it, LMK RIGHT AWAY, or you'll miss your chance!

    Thanx, and have a great day,

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    Is this kinda like a dutch auction where it's luck of the draw? Or can I say that I want that 2003 Upper Deck pack and then get it?

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    Oops. I didn't mention you get EVERYTHING listed there for the $5. Sorry bout that.

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    No, I understand that. I was just asking, is it a luck of the draw, on who gets what? Or can I specifically say that I want the pack of cards and then get it?

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