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Thread: RC's for trade/sale

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    RC's for trade/sale

    I have a lot of football RC's for trade/sale. Check out my site and see if anything interests you.

    I also have a lot more not listed on my site, so if there are certain players you're looking for PLMK and I'll see what I have.


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    how much for this del.? lmk thanks billy
    1990 Ultra Brett Favre
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    I doubt you'd want that...One of the corners is in kind of rough shape with some white showing....Anyway its kind of a nice memory to me becuase I got a Brett favre RC at a garage sale for 10 cents! LOL.....if you still want it make me an offer. If not that's cool. PLMK.


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    thanks anyway but i will pass. thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    yeah, totally my fault for not pointing that out on the site...I guess I just put that one up for show. LOL.


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