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    Bonds is a selfish, arrogant jack@$$

    So is there anyone who'll trade a Bonds auto for one of mine:

    2003 SP Authentic Mark Prior auto #'d/50 $120 (incoming)

    2003 Finest X-Fractor Bryan Bullington auto RC /99 $100

    1999 Stadium Club AROD auto $100

    2000 Edge Edge Tech Peyton Manning auto $120 (incoming)

    2002 UD Prospect Premieres Prince Fielder auto RC $50 (need over BV for this one)

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Nice...It's certainly an attention getter. If I had one, that Prior would be mine.

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    Did you hear about what Bonds did (opting out of his MLB trading card contract) or is it just a conclusion based on his career and dealing with fans?

    I could trade a Bonds of mine (02 Topps Pristine) if I can get both the Prior and Arod. I can add something else, such as a Bonds RC and more.

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    Actually, I just looked up how low the Pristine auto is selling for (approx $75-90) so I really don't want to trade in your favor with Prior and AROD.

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