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    I NEED:
    Deuce McAllister Rookies, GU, Autos and inserts
    Donte Stallworth Rookies, GU, Autos and inserts
    Aaron Brooks Rookies, GU, Autos and inserts
    Talman Gardner Rookies, GU, Autos and inserts
    Joe Horn GU and Autos
    Archie Manning Rookies, GU and Autos
    Any other current Saints GU and Autos

    00 SP Authentic Football set fillers:
    Rookies that I dont have
    SOTT Autos that I dont have



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    i have the pacific omega brooks rc if u want it lemme kno seeloing would be pointless so u have nehting for trade?

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    would it be possible to do somehting for a g/u? nething cuz i dont have ne and id like one atleast

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    sorry the brooks doesnt book enough for a GU ...let me know if you have any other rookies, Autos that I may want...

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    I have this McAllister:
    01 Upper Deck Ovation Rookie Gear Jersey #R-DM

    Do you have any of the players in my sig? LMK

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    lefty I dont really have anything in your wants...I have that McAllister already ...wouldnt mind getting another one just let me know if you may want something from my wantlist



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