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    I need Joe mauer, Rich Harden, Dontrelle willis, and more listed inside

    I need Joe mauer, Rich Harden, Dontrelle willis, 2002 bowman chrome draft autos rcs that book $10 or more refractors, greg miller(dodgers) pujols, bonds, baldelli, Prior and webb.

    I am looking for TRUE RCS, GAME USED, AUTOS, AND MAYBE REFRACTORS BV $12 OR MORE ONLY, NO BASE. Check my site to see if you need anything. I might be able to up to $7 cash in depending on how much i want the card

    Things not on my site that i have
    2002 bowman draft dallas mcpherson
    2002 bowman chrome mark prior
    jamal lewis hash marks (incoming) part of the turf
    I don't have adrean peterson auto anymore.

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    I have 2002 Bowman Draft and Topps Traded Dontrelle RC's. Looking for cards for my player collections/set needs liste don my site. PLMK what you have.


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    I have a 1999 Bowman Chrome Tim Hudson RC Graded PSA 9

    BV: $20

    I can sell it for $9 shipped

    I also have a 2002 Topps Joe Mauer RC....BV: $4.00 Im lookin for Braves RC's in return for it.


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    Sportnut08- i like the bowman draft, i don't have any of the players you are looking for, but check my site

    DTrain- i am not looking to buy, and i said i was looking for cards of mauer bv 12 and over

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    i have the following lmk if you are interested!

    joe mauer 2002 topps chrome rc (2)
    joe mauer 2002 topps pristine unc ref #/1999
    rich harden 2002 topps chrome rc (2)
    rich harden 2002 topps pristine auto

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    I really need your Topps LeBron RC.

    Check my site and see if there's anytihng else you need. PLMK.


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    halonut - interested in all excpet the refractor, check my site, i might be able to add some cash up to $10

    sportsnut08- didn't see anything i could use

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