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    Talking GU"S, AUTO"S, RC"S, Inserts CHEAP!!!

    I'm selling these cards cheap,, just make offer..

    I except PAY PAL or Money orders...



    1- jerry rice-97-upper deck-turf champions- card#tc-86 bv-15.00
    2- emmitt smith-95- skybox-paydirt- #pd-25 bv-5.00
    3- andre rison- 98-upper deck- super powers- bronze-#ed-card#s-5 bv-20.00
    4-terrell davis-02-playoff contenders-alltime contender#at-29 bv-4.00
    5-joe montana--02-playoff contenders-legendary contenders- #lc-10 bv-12.00
    6-randy moss-02-upper deck - rookie glory-#rg-6 bv- 6.00
    7-priest holmes-02-upper deck ovation-milestone- #om-14- bv-2.50
    8-troy aikman-99-edge-y3k-#ed-card#kk-31 bv-8.00
    9-ricky williams-01- upper deck - run to history- #rh-2 bv-6.00
    10-ricky williams-00-upper deck - the new guard- #ng-2 bv-4.00
    11-edgerrin james- 02-upper deck- power surge- #ps-6 bv-3.00
    12-emmitt smith-00-fleer mystque- canton calling- #6 bv-4.00
    13-shawn alexander- 02-playoff absolute- tools of the trade- #tt-8 bv-4.00
    14-emmitt smith-02- upper deck honor roll- deans list-#dl-r9 bv-8.00
    15-emmitt smith-02- upper deck ovation-standing O- #so-9 bv-5.00
    16-joe montana-01- bowmans best- vintage best-#vb-jm bv-5.00
    17-emmitt smith-02-playoff prestige- inside numbers- #in-18 bv-6.00
    18-edgerrin james-02- playoff contenders-mvp-4 bv-4.00
    19-kurt warner-02-leaf rookie & stars- slide show-#ed- card#-ss-03 bv-6.00
    20-shawn alexander-02- leaf rookie & stars- slide show-#ed-cd#ss-08 bv-3.00
    21-brett favre-02- leaf rookie &stars- slide show-#ed-cd#ss-09 bv-8.00
    22-marshall faulk- 02- leaf rookie &stars- slide show-#ed cd#ss-12- bv-4.00
    23-terrell owens-03-score- monday night heros- #mn-6 bv-2.50
    24-david boston-03- score the franchise- #tf-1- bv-2.00
    25-warren moon-94-topps stadium club- ring leaders- #4 of 12-- bv-10.00
    26-brett favre-00-fleer domination- go to guys- #2 of 20 bv-5.00
    27-joe montana-95- bowmans best refractor -#17- bv-15.00
    28-marshall faulk-95-bowmans best refractor- #1 - bv - 30.00
    29joe montana- 94-fleer - living legands- #3 of 6 bv-12.00
    30-emmitt smith-95-topps finest- fan favorite- #ff-7 bv-8.00
    31-plaxico buress&jerry rice-00- pacific omega- bv-10.00
    32-peyton manning-99- score- the franchise- #20- bv- 15.00
    33-peyton manning-01- pacific dynagon- #40- premiere date 088/135 (june 13,2001) bv-25.00
    34-joe namath-72- topps- card#100- bv-30.00

    Game Used Cards
    1-Chris Carter -02-Upper Deck Clutch Performers BV 12.00
    2-James Williams -01-Atomic Prisms BV 10.00
    3-Marcus Pollard -01-Private Stock BV 8.00
    4-Koren Robinson -02-Fleer Genuine BV 8.00
    5-Antowain Smith -02-Fleer Box Score BV 10.00
    6-Jonathan Wells -02-Bowman BV 10.00
    7-Kordell Stewart& Mark Brunell -02- Fleer Genuine BV 8.00
    8-Junior Seau -02- Fleer Genuine BV 10.00
    9-Tim Couch -02-Fleer Box Score BV 10.00
    10-Doug Flutie -01-Upper Deck Memorable Materials BV 15.00
    11-Kerry Collins -01- Upper Deck S.P. Game Used Edition BV 10.00
    12-Ron Dayne -01- Upper Deck S.P. Game Used Editon BV 12.00
    14-Jim Plunkett -01-Upper Deck Past Patterns NFL Legends BV 12.00
    17-Charles Johnson -99-Fleer Mystique Official Game Shoe Numbered BV 25.00
    18-Kurt Warner -02- Fleer Flair Franchise BV 15.00
    19-Jeff Blake -99- Fleer Focus Feel The Game BV 15.00
    20-Jamal Anderson -00-Upper Deck NFL Legends BV 20.00
    21-Randy Moss -02-Playoff Piece of the Game BV 15.00
    22-Tim Carter -02-Upper Deck Graded Numbered Rookie BV 15.00
    23-Drew Brees -01-Upper Deck Ovation Training Gear Rookie BV 30.00
    24-Delvon Flowers -02-Upper Deck Peice of History Numbered Rookie BV 10.00
    25-Warren Moon -01-Upper Deck Past Patterns BV 15.00
    26-Tim Carter -02-Playoff Absolute RPM Rookie Numbered BV 15.00
    27-John Elway -01-Donruss Classics Statium Seat BV 25.00
    28-Peter Warrick -02-Pacific Authentic Game Worn Patch Numbered BV 15.00


    1-Jeff Blake-94-Classic Rookie Bengals at Signing BV
    2-Quentin Jammer-02-Bowmans Best Rookie BV 12.00
    3-Brandon Doman-02-Bowmans Best Rookie BV 12.00
    4-Tracey Winstrom-02-Bowmans Best Rookie (Red) Numbered BV 15.00
    5-Kahlil Hill-02- Bowmans Best Rookie Numbered BV
    6-Bill Kilmer-01-Topps Team Topps Legends BV 15.00

    1-Tim Couch-99-Edge Future Fantasy Team BV 4.00
    2-Jamal Lewis-00-Upper Deck Star Rookie BV 10.00
    3-Ron Dane-00-Fleer Mystque Numbered BV 6.00
    4-Rex Grossman-03-Upper Deck MVP Talk of the Town BV 6.00
    5-Justin Fargas-03-Playoff Prestige BV 5.00
    6-Brian St Pierre-03-Playoff Prestige BV 3.00
    7-Joe Montana-81-Topps Rookie #216 BV 175.00
    8-Brain Greise-98-Upper Deck Reserve Choice Domination Rookie BV 20.00
    9-Jamal Lewis-00-Pacific Omega Confrence Contenders BV 4.00
    10-Jake Plummer-97-Stadium Club BV
    11-Chad Pennington-00-Pacific Aurora Championship Fever Platium (Blue) Numbered BV 20.00
    12-Marshall Faulk-94-Bowman BV 15.00
    13-Jim Plunkett-71-Topps #65 BV 20.00
    14-LaDainian Tomlison-01-Pacific All Rookie Team BV 8.00
    15-Andre Johnson-03-Press Pass Pay Dirt BV 5.00
    16-Regie Wayne-01-Fleer Game Time Numbered BV 5.00
    17-Chad Hutchinson-02-Leaf Rookie and Stars BV

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    STEELERSROCK2453- The game used has a book value of $350.00 ... I'll take 150.00 shipped..


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    Warren Moon -01-Upper Deck Past Patterns BV 15.00

    How much???
    Thanks and God Bless

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    thefreak90js- How does $6.00 sound ?? (shipped)..
    LMK. THANKS...

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