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    busted 4 packs of topps pristine

    No book values yet, looking for this years rc's, gu and autos of Andre Johnson, Leftwich, Polamalu, Trufant, Boldin. Always looking for rc's, autos and gu of mcallister, alexander and steelers. Send me your trade list.

    03 Topps Pristine

    #126 Rex Grossman
    129 Seneca Wallace
    138 Teyo Johnson
    141 Terence Newman

    #'d RC's
    #64 Bethel Johnson 532/1499
    89 Dave Ragone 413/499
    146 Terrell Suggs 87/499
    148 Willis McGahee 1457/1499

    Uncirculated Refractors
    #39 Curtis Martin 50/99
    108 Kliff Kingsbury1323/1449
    132 Tyrone Calico 462/1449 Pending
    133 Tyrone Calico 425/499 Pending

    Rookie Premiere Kyle Boller (Purple)
    All Rookie Team Bryant Johnson (Red)
    Rookie Premiere Artose Pinner (Light Blue)
    Rookie Premiere Larry Johnson (Red)

    Team Topps Legend Tommy McDonald

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    Didnt see anything i wanted but are you guaranteed one g/u per pack?? PLMK

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    you get one gu per pack, two rc's, one uncirculated refractor and a 1:5 chance of an auto. looking above, that is what i got from 4 packs. lmk if you have a good deal on packs.

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    do you see anything else from my trade page that i could add for your retro threads tomlinson?

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    how much a pack did you pay for those things.. sounds expensive


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