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Thread: few cards to trade or sale

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    few cards to trade or sale

    00 fleer harrison genuine coverage jersey
    02 playoff piece of the game terrell davis jersey
    98 collectors edge holmes rc 14

    i can use gu of players in my sig and also a garcia and harrison rookie. Or i would sale at a fair price

  2. Kronozio
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    I have:
    99 Triumph rc #T119 Jeff Garcia bv$10
    96 Donruss rc #235 Marvin Harrison bv $2
    96 TSC rc #145 Marvin Harrison bv $3
    96 Topps rc #426 bv $2
    95 Ultra Gold Medallion #91 John Elway bv $20
    lmk if interested and what you would trade me for them.

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    I like the Collectors Edge Holmes RC, would you take this
    for it. PLMK

    02 UD Authentics Retro Star Rookie Jsy Griffey #SR-KG $25.00


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    clever is that retro of seattle jersey or cinci?

    shandi who do you collect?

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    I am not too particular, just football or baseball rcs, autos or g-u. In baseball I would prefer astros or Rangers, but would consider any. lmk thanks

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    Both, picture of him in his cinci. Jsy and also a picture of his
    89 UD Rookie, the Jsy is from a Mariners uni.


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    shandi i dont have a list handy but I have quite a few rookies in nfl and mlb.
    randy johnson
    mcgwire 87 topps and donruss, classic yellow/green
    jeter ud
    chavez topps rc
    jamal lewis
    k. robinson

    several older montanas

    any of those players ?

    cleverhooter ill do that trade

    steelersrock i didnt see anything on there i needed thanks

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    what rookies of sosa, griffey do you have? i have some cards from your sig. lmk thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    sosa - donruss, score, bowman, ud, topps
    griffey - donruss, fleer, maybe more i cant remember

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