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    Ebay wins: all for trade when i get them

    Pennington #ed to 25

    Jamal Lewis Rookie #ed to 2000

    Shaun Alexander UD rookie

    William Green Heritge Rookie

    $12.73 total including shipping for $73 worth of cards...lmk if u want them

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    Ebay wins (volume 2): all for trade when i get them

    Chris Chambers Titanium Post Season rookie #ed to 795

    Anthony Thomas Private Stock rookie #ed to 500

    Michael Bennett Fleer Glossy rookie #ed to 2001

    Deshaun Foster Topps Pristine rookie #ed to 499

    Hines Ward UD rookie

    $9.65 shipped for $78 worth of rookies lmk if u want them

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    i wouldnt mind the jamal lewis. i see you only paid .30 so how bout $2 for it? or trade?

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    please remember that if you are going to post buy/sell/trade cards

    do them in the TRADING FORUM


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    please remember to post your buy/sell/trade cards in the TRADING FORUM


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