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    Looking for cheap pujolsrcs or 01 don. sig.

    I am looking for any cheap rcs of pujols or 01 donruss signature #/800 or #/330 for my game used/cheap autos.


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    some of the basketball collectors happen to have pujols rcs, and besides i have basketball to trade for them, that's the point.

    thanks for your concern there bud.

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    wheter basketball people have them or not WANTS go in the appropriate forum!

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    geez if you are so concerned with this get the moderator to change the name to
    "Have basketball to trade"

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    i personally find it disturbing that new members are so obnoxious

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    i'm not obnoxious i just mind my own business, that's all. i personally find it disturbing that members like you are so arrogant thinking because you are a "hall of famer" you can just assume all new members are obnoxious.

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