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    Thumbs up New to the forum & looking to Trade!!!!

    Greetings Fellow Traders!!!
    I'm new here & I'm looking to trade. I usually trade on beckett but someone told me about this site. I'm hoping for no deadbeat traders. Just people to make friendly trades with to enjoy the hobby expeirience :)))

    My tradepage

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    I am interested in the following from your site:

    2002 UD Diamond Collection Chipper Jones Franchise Jersey (#'d 82/100)

    2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Team Tribute Triplets A-Rod/ J.Gonzalez/ R.Palmeiro (2 Jerseys/1 Bat)

    Please take a look at my www below and let me know if there is anything you would like in trade.


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    Knight302: sorry but I see nothing I can use. Thanks anyway.

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    were you interested in trading anything from your private collection? i am also in indiana so we can maybe meet up and exchange...

    check out my site and lmk.
    thanks and welcome to scf.

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    pujolsmussina: Yes I am as my webpage says as long as you have something good to trade. what do I have that Interests you?

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    so far i really like: mantle/dimaggio, bath ruth(have an sp authentic so i'm slowly building up a collection , lol)

    i'm on aol right now if you want to talk: nc pupit


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    pujolsmussina: I like these....

    2002 Fleer Greats of the Game Dueling Duos Baseball Steve Carlton/Nolan Ryan Duel Jersey/Uniform #25/25!

    2001 Fleer Genuine Name of the Game Baseball #18 Nolan Ryan Autograph Jersey Hand Numbered #/100 - 3 color patch (red, white, blue) - extra rare!!

    2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Baseball 102 Mark Prior XRC Autographed Rc #/1000

    1999 Topps Traded Baseball T65 Alfonso Soriano Autograph Rookie - Best Soriano RC

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    I like this:

    2002 UD Diamond Collection Chipper Jones Franchise Jersey (#'d 82/100)

    Check out my tradelist here:

    LMK. Thanks.

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    I need the L. Gonzalez Jersey and Bat, the R. Johnson Jersey. Please Let me know what you need in return.

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