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    Looking for Maggette/QRich Graded RC's

    I am looking for Quentin Richardson or Corey Maggette graded RC's BGS 8.5+ or PSA 9+ for the most part unless it's a really nice RC. I have some Grant Hill RCs , Shaq rc's, a couple Pippen cards, and cash (unless anyone here likes baseball cards, which I have a ton of). Thanks.

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    i have an ungraded sp authentic corey maggette rc which i believe books 60,

    check my site for other available cards and my wantlist.

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    I am looking for graded only unless the card is Mint. No thanks on the topps chrome. You are off a little on the book value of the Maggette SP. It books for around $25 and I've seen it sell on ebay for $8-15 ungraded. Tell me what you want for it if you are still interested in trading it.

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    damn, it went down that much? i'm still willing but do you have any 2001 donruss signatures or 2001 cheap pujols rcs to trade? not willing to sell.

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    you need to double check your prices bud, it books 40.00 and it sells for AT LEAST 15.00, the last 2 ended for 20+.

    either way if you have the cards i'm looking for i'll still trade.

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    Pujols I said it books for about $25 on Beckett (average the range). I haven't seen it sell over $15. PM me the specific cards you are interested in. I wouldn't trade a Pujols rc for it though.

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    I have a 01 donruss signature, but it is worth more than the Maggette card.

    Anyone else have Richardson or Maggette cards (especially graded)?

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