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    ok, this is it.. all the basketball I have.. it must go

    I'd really like this to go as a lot, but will consider seperating some if needed. I do not like basketball, nor care for these cards. I'd like to trade for anything else but basketball or sell the whole lot for a reasonable price. (most likely cheap)
    Serious inquiries only, Some of the years may be wrong, but this is mostly star cards and inserts. There are a few commons but not many. Most of these players were stars during the 90's and some are newer. 95% of this lot is 1998 and older. This is in no order and I do not know bv's. Make any offers....

    74/75 Celtics leaders Cowens/Havlicek/White (dinged corners)
    74/75 Doug Collins RC
    77/78 Moses malone
    77/78 Adrian Dantley RC
    97/98 Hoops High Voltage Tim Duncan
    97/98 Hoops Chairman of the boards Tim Duncan
    97/98 Skybox z-force Tim Duncan RC
    96/97 Bowmans best Retro Refractor John Wallace
    95/96 UDCC Michael Finley rc
    00/01 UD Hardcourt Keyon Dooling 742/900 rc
    00/01 UD hardcourt Desmond Mason 79/900 rc
    97/98 Skybox z-force rave Rodrick Rhodes 126/399 rc
    97/98 Hoops Talking Hoops Kobe Bryant
    97/98 Fleer Kieth Van Horne rc
    94/95 Ultra rebound kings Chris Webber
    94/95 Fleer Young lions Chris Webber
    89/90 Fleer Dennis Rodman
    96/97 Finest Horace Grant Silver Refractor
    95/96 Finest Mystery Finest Refractor borderless Glenn Rice
    96/87 Finest Christian Laettner Gold
    94/95 TSC Power zone Patrick Ewing (2)
    95/96 Topps Booster Mark Price
    93 Classic Vin Baker LP5
    96/97 SP Brian Grant Holoview
    93/94 UD Vin Baker rc
    95/96 UD Slam Dunk Stars Donyell Marshall
    96/97 Topps Nate Thurmond 50th Anniv. reprint
    97/98 Skybox Z-force Boss Stephon marbury
    96/97 Topps YouthQuake Antonio McDyess
    96/97 SPX Kevin Garnett
    97/98 Hoops Talking Hoops Kevin Garnett
    95/96 UD Magic Johnson electric Court
    95/96 Skybox e-xl Magic Johnson
    89/90 Fleer Magic Johnson
    89/90 Fleer Larry Bird
    89/90 Mitch Richmond rc
    95/96 Fleer total D Shaq
    96/97 TSC top crop Shaq/Olajuwon
    95/96 UD Slam Dunk Stars Shaq
    94/95 Finest Main Attraction Shaq
    93/94 Finest Scottie Pippen
    96/97 SP all stars Scottie Pippen
    92/93 Ultra Rejectors Shaq
    92/93 Fleer Shaq rc
    93/94 UD Rookie Sensations Nick Van Exel
    93/94 TSC Beam Team Larry Johnson
    96/97 Finest Mystery Finest Scottie Pippen
    95/96 Topps Pan for Gold Scottie Pippen
    99/00 Skybox EX Baron Davis rc 3483/3499
    99/00 Topps Chrome Cal Bowdler rc
    94/95 SP Jason Kidd rc
    95/96 Finest Michael Finley rc
    00/01 Topps chrome Hidayet Turkoglu rc 1831/1999
    96/97 UD Predictor Shaq
    95/96 TSC super Skills Shaq
    96/97 Finest Antione Walker
    94/95 Topps Embossed Grant Hill gold rc
    97/98 Skybox Premium Allen Iverson Reebok Bronze
    87/88 Fleer Magic Johnson sticker

    will list more in a few days.

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    well, I'm not listing anymore.. these are going in the Garbage since no one is interested.

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