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Thread: Anyone interested in a ball..?

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    Exclamation Anyone interested in a ball..?

    I just found a complete packaged and everything Official American League Baseball. I have two of them.I'm not sure on shipping,but would like to sell them for $4. If anyone could give me a guesstimate on shipping, or have shipped one before!!But it will probably be around $2-$3!!
    PLMK if interested!

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    are they brand new like still in boxes and never opened or what? PLMK

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    What kind of shape are they in? Were they still packaged in the box? If so, I'll probably take them.

    I could probably pay 10-12 for the pair total.
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    Yes,they are both brand new.In excellent shape!!Yes there still in the box,but the box can be opened.I will probably double wrap them in two boxes,and put a napkin around them.I have opened them to see what they are,but they are excellent!!
    Dnautos inquired first,so please lmk what you decide and how many.Paypal,money order,or cash are all acceptable. I figured it will be $3 to ship it in all of the boxes and stuff.LMK who's buying them!!

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    I can buy it and it would be on a money order. I'll pay $12 total for the two, just in case it is not enough considering that baseballs weigh a lot. Do we have a deal?

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