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    time to trade Updated tradelist continuing from the other one!!!

    Well got a grab bag today from PATick4

    got these

    2002 private stock corey dillon
    2000 skybox skilines (insert) terrell davis
    2000 Collectors Edge Master K-Kluib Herman Moore #/3000
    2002 UD MVP Team Mvp Jeff Garcia
    2002 UD MVP Jerry RIce
    2001 Fleer LEgacy Ray Lewis, Shaun Alexander
    2002 Donruss Marvin Harison
    2000 Fleer Tradition (it has an auto... dont knkow if all cards dol ike the print ones lol... or in person..)
    2001 BOwan 2002 Julius Peppers RC
    99 Collectors Edge Advantage Rahiim Abdullah AUTO!!!

    I got the auto in his grab bags which was pretty cool...all cards are for trade..
    2001 Leaf Rookies and STars
    David Terrel

    2001 UD Vintage
    Michael Bennent

    2002 UD
    David Gerrard
    David Carr (BV 25!!!)
    Ricky Williams (sunday stars)
    Jerome Bettis
    curtis martin

    2002 Topps
    Levi Jones
    Ed Reed

    2002 Score
    Antonio Bryant

    2001 Titanium Retial
    James Jackson

    2002 Leaf Rookies and STars
    Tracey Widstrom

    2003 Fleer Tradition
    Rooke Sensation Kelly Washington #ed/1250
    Andre Johnson

    2003 Topps All-American
    Fabrics of America Brett Williams (gu JSY)

    2003 Topps Finest
    Ty Warren rc
    Teyo Johnson RC

    2003 UD Patch COllection

    Rookie Inovations Patches Carson Palmer (if u are familiar with the baseball then you'll know this is a nice looking product)

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    can someone givem e some hints on way no oen wants any fo these lol... are theyt really that bad lol

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