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    Exclamation Pulled BV $80 card from Target auto basketball rack pack???

    Well, yesterday I bought 2 of these packs at my local Target and was quite happy with my 2 pulls considering they're only $4.99/pack (beats buying retail packs anyday):

    -1998-1999 Skybox Premium Glen Rice Autographics BV $20.00
    -1999-2000 SkyBox Premium William Avery Autographics BV $10.00 (rookie year)

    Today, I went back to the same Target and got what was left, which were 3 packs. I pulled:

    -1997-1998 SkyBox Premium Isaac Austin Autographics BV $6.00
    -1998-1999 SkyBox Premium Matt Harpring Autographics BV $20.00 (rookie year)
    -1998-1999 SkyBox Premium Jason Williams Autographics BV $80.00 (rookie year)!!!

    When I checked the BV of the JWill card, I was like....WHAT THE HELL??? The one thing I don't like about these cards is that they're hard to tell what year they came from. The Rice said 1998, but it's from the 1998-1999 set...while the Harpring and JWill cards say 1999, but they're also from the 1998-1999 set...same as the Rice.

    I had to double check Ebay photos and Beckett photos to get the correct year. But sure enough, that JWill auto is a auto RC. I mean, I like him (former Gator) and he's decent...but an $80 card of Harpring is also a auto RC and he's playing well in Utah. Ike Austin, used to love the guy when he was in Miami (Heat fan here also hehe). I love these packs, probably will get any that I see next time I visit any Target. Like I said, why pay $2.99/pack and get crap, but instead pay $3 more for a guaranteed auto?


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    Congrats, very nice pulls. I wish I had a target by here!

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    Well, can't hurt to pull a TMac, Shaq, or Duncan auto either. But as an added bonus...they come with a UD Victory basketball pack in each plastic rack pack. Not the nicest cards (kinda crappy to say the least)...but out of 5, got Lebron, Carmelo, and Darko RCs.


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    I really need to stop by and buy some of these damn things. If anything very rarely do autos sell for less than $2.50 on ebay so after shipping you almost make your money back on EBay. And if you get lucky and hit the jackpot. You get an awesome card. These come with a pack of UD Victory to right so you could also get a Lebron. Correct me if I am wrong.

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    nice pull on the should probably ebay it, there arent going to be many collectors who will pay or trade at that price for sorry your high end pull wasnt a better player! :(

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    This card isn't doing too bad...JWill is having a good year and his card is selling for close to 1/2 BV, which is always a good sign.


    (Actually, the card IS selling AT 1/2 BV)
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    nice pull :)


    not as good as my reggie miller autographics bv $200 though ;) its at $112.50 on ebay :)

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    White chocolate REALLY looks like white chocolate on that card! Nice pulls!

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