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    03 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Vick Jersey 24/50 FS/FT

    the bv on this card is $80. if for trade, i would like a maximum of 3 cards (not like 8 $10 cards). lmk what you have or what you are willing to pay. thanx for looking

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    leftyshan- i don't have a scanner but i do have a digital camera. if you leave me your email address i can send you a pic. (it is a sweet looking card)

    steelersrock- i like the rudi johnson/chad johnson dual ball card. would you consider trading it for anything else on my site? lmk

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    vick2price- here are the cards that i'm interested in. lmk which ones you would trade for the vick mirror blue (these appear in order of what i like the most first)
    2003 Leaf Certified Mirror Emerald Jersey 5/5 Joe Horn $???
    2003 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Jersey 20/25 David Carr $80
    2002 Playoff Prime Signatures Auto 40/120 Ashley Lelie $80 (HTG)
    2003 Ultra Autographs Andre Johnson $80 (300 made)

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