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    who thinks this is a good trade

    who thinks this is a good trade the suns traded brevin knight for wizards c jahidi white in think suns got the better end

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    I definitely think the Suns got the better deal. White is a great player, just the Wizards never used him!

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    yup, Suns got the better deal.

    as long as Marbury is healthy, he will play the majority of the minutes (38+)

    Knight is nothing more than an average backup

    what the Suns need are big men to keep up with Spurs, Lakers, Kings big men

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    yeah knight sucks he can't play he's old which the suns can't affored a slow pg white is what the suns need to battle against the west centers

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    brevin did so well in college (I think he played at Oregon)

    but like Mateen Cleaves, he just wasn't good enough for the pros

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    but the suns didn't get a good trade when they traded tskalidis bo outlaw for knight and some body else

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