Poll: What College had the best outcome of NBA players today?

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Thread: College Basketball Pole..

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    College Basketball Pole..

    what college had the best outcomes of players in the NBA today? you be the judge.

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    Well it's certainly not Duke. Hands down it's UNC. Everywhere you look there's UNC guys dominating and Duke guys choaking.

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    boozer is playing well, and brand was playing well before he broke his leg.

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    Do I need to even start naming the bums that have came out of Duke the last 7 years though? Brand is the only one that's somewhat good and if I remember correctly he just used Duke playing one year and skipping.

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    UNC. ..Anyone remember Joe Forte from UNC. Played as a freshman 2 years ago and won co-acc player of the year with battier? I would like to see him get some minutes with the sonics and see what he can do. Hopefully now with GP out of Seattle he can get some more minutes

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    GEORGETOWN... if ur talking ewing and AI :)

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