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    Anyone interested in the N.L. MVP Barry Bonds?

    I have about 100 cards of him for trade. Some inserts. If anyone is interested PLMK and I'll get you a list. Thanks

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    I am interested in Bonds. Take a look at my page to see if I have anything that interests you. Thanks

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    1987 Topps Mark McGwire
    1989 Upper Deck 25 Randy Johnson

    Really interested in the two above. Are you only looking for the Bonds on your site? PLMk and thanks

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    Sorry I just made a trade for McGwires I need to remove them today. I have more than 1 of the Johnson, about 3 or 4 I need to check. I am interested in players other than Bonds, any of the players listed in my wantlist I will take a look at. If you are still interested in the Johnson's LMK. Thanks

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    I could use all of them. What condition are the in? Do you have scans? Would you be looking for other Bonds cards not on your wantlist because I don't think I'd have enought book value to cover for the Johnsons with just the Bonds on your wantlist. PLMK and thanks!

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    I do not have a scanner and I am not an exper grader. I pulled these cardsback in 92 when I was looking for griffey rookies. They have been in pocket pages since then. I know at lease one looks centered perfectly and the others look a little off. I don't want to mislead you and tell you that they are perfect. I do collect other Bonds insert and odd cards, I only have about 300 different cards so a list would be hard. I am interested in any of the other players on my wantlist.

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    How much Johnsons do you have and how much bv do you want in trade? PLMK and thanks!

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    Did you find how much Johnsons you have and how much bv do you want in trade? PLMK and thanks!

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    I will have to give you an exact count on what I have. I guess we can trade at book value, $15.00. I will trade in you favor if I can get most of what I can get most of my wantlists filled and we can take a look at whatever is left over. Do you have a list of insert cards you have?

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