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    Anyone interested in my lower end autos/game used?

    let me know. i would be more than happy to sell so if you are interested, give me your offer through pm please.. i am mainly looking to trade these for any 2001 donruss signature and 00 skybox autographics baseball but like i said, i can sell too.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    1996 Leaf Signature Series Ray Durham Autograph Bronze BV $10

    Like that, would you take cc for it?

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    Don't got any of the stuff in your wantlist. Would pay cash or trade check my site, not much there but lmk thanks.

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    i can sell you the durham for 4.50 delivered in bubble mailer? lmk.


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    sounds good, i'll take 3 for the 96 leaf signature durham auto...once you confirm on this , i wil post on the trades in progress...

    btw, go dodgers!! lol

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    I'm interested in the willy mo pena auto. I'll see if I've got any stuff you need. Also, how much would you be looking for cash-wise?
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