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Thread: 2 boxes of UD Patch '03 busted

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    2 boxes of UD Patch '03 busted


    Patches: (11 pulled from 2 boxes, boxes say 3 on average!)

    All Pro Performers:

    Randy Moss
    Ladanian Tomlinson
    Kurt Warner

    All Upper Deck:

    Shaun Alexander
    Corey Dillon

    Rookie Innovation:

    Gibran Hamden
    Carson Palmer
    Dave Ragone
    Kyle Boller
    Andre Johnson
    Chris Brown

    Lookin for cards in sig, or i'll take Paypal.

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    Like the Boller Patch, check my site and LMK.

    Forgot to say this, very sweet break definitley beat the odds.

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    Man, sounds like somebody hit the odds factor train.. Nicely done.. I am just curious if any of these are patch autos.. I have seen one or two online and they went for pretty good prices too


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    Ichiro send me a reminder PM and i'll take a look when i get more time, i don't have a bv on these yet. Unfortunatley no Prophet none were auto'd, i was hoping though!

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    i need the moss, and the andre johnson, u get any nate burleson or texans commons?

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