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    Need to raise money for basketball

    Hey Guys I need to raise $100 to pay for basketball this season so I'm doing this... I make collection sites like alot of you know.. and I have never done a commercial.. lol.. til

    I have a page with examples at

    I will do a site for you of anybody at all for $10
    - I make all of the site designs unique.. no two are the same
    - I have a 100% Approval from people that got their site.
    - I have made sites for lots of people on the boards at hobbyinsider... just ask dee-loco, USDjock, kornboy, unstopable and many others...

    Please let me know who you want and I'll make it for you pronto.. I need to raise this money soon as possible.. it can be regular check or paypal whatever works... plmk guys, thanks

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    thanks skyracer.. you need one? I'm dropping price to 8 dollars.. please help out if you need one guys... thanks

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    also holding some auctions on eBay for some replica jerseys.. such greats as Magic and MJ.. but only runs till early Friday.. check em out before they're over

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    Ya'll In case anybody needs one I'm doing a christmas deal if you are signed up at HobbyInsider you get a site for 10 bucks.. consider how much programers usually charge and you'll see its a bargain.. also if you aren't signed up go ahead and put me down for the referall and you'll qualify

    btw if you can.. please check out my website again..
    I changed the look again and I love it!

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