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Thread: Who will stephen davis go to

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    Who will stephen davis go to

    any ideas.. just picked up his etopps card hope he goes to dallas or tampa bay.. but there saying houston??? any ideas

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    ive heard tampa bay is very interested and their running game stinks right now...pittman should be a backup and alstot is a fullback not an hb...u better hope he doesnt go to the texans for the sake of ur card

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    hope so... texans stink and they won't be good for a long time.. david carr is decent though

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    Emmitt would be a good fit in TB. Also I'd like to see Emmitt on another quality team and have a chance for another ring. TB HAS to do something about their running game though if they want to have a chance to repeat.

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    It's about time the Ravens start rebuilding. Jamal Lewis is still a question. And Billick is too stubborn to have a weak offense, so I see Davis a perfect fit there.

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    Jamal went for over 1300 yards last year, so the Ravens really don't need a starter. They might look for a solid backup, which would eliminate Davis.

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    i think houston or dallas is the probable teams but maybe carolina will get in there too

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