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    Talking Looking for autographs of anybody!

    I am interested in all autographs. I have one patch, some vintage GU, and other GU. Will trade the cheaper GU in your favor. I have a few autos, but the Williams is not for trade. PLMk what you have.

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    I like these autos:
    03 Leaf Clubhouse Sigs.#24(J.Peralta)
    00 Fleer Focus Fresh Ink Vidro

    And I also need these:
    2002 Topps Chrome Refractors David Dellucci, #501'
    2002 SPx Winning Materials Duo Curt Schilling/Randy Johnson GU

    LMK if you like anything from my site.

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    Do you like the autos I have? I really would like to trade these.

    I like all of the 2002 POG gu.
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    Check my site and let me know if you see anything you are interested in.

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    I've got this-

    99 UD Retro inkredible Sean Casey-

    I checked your site and saw a bunch of Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell, and Jim Thome.....Would you trade some of those for the Casey?...Please let me know....Thanks

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    tigersfan- Nothind jumped out at me, thanks though.

    Patrick- Saw these I was interested in:
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials JOHN WEBB #222 346/400
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials PETE LaFOREST #245 346/400
    2002 Topps BRAD WILKERSON #TA-BW
    2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars ADAM DUNN Auto #142 (print run of 25 - no pricing due to scarcity)
    2003 Topps Chrome CURT SCHILLING #RBCR-CS Red Back Jersey (w/stripe)

    wttr575- Yes, I am interested and would trade some for the Casey.

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    I found these for the Casey-

    03 UD victory Tier 2 Jim Thome
    03 Stadium Royal Gold Pat Burrell, Jimmy Rollins
    03 Topps Finest Refractor Jimmy Rollins
    03 Bazooka Minis- Mike Liebrethal, Randy Wolf, Vincente Padilla
    01 Topps Traded Gold Jimmy Rollins /2001
    01 UD Jimmy Rollins
    03 Topps Own the Game Jim Thome
    02 Fleer Maximum, Maximum Power Jim Thome

    The Casey books $20...these are $15...Do you have any other Phillies or Eagles...Please let me know....Thanks

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    Yes, I probably do, I will have to look though through my many boxes of cards.

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    Certified Autos

    Giuseppe chiaramonte – 1998 team best sig series bv 2.50
    Hector almonte – 1999 just bv 2
    Keven barker - 1999 just bv 2
    Bruce chen - team best bv 2
    Tony torcato - team best bv 2
    Ryan ballard – 2001 royal rookies throwbacks 3189/5950 bv? 3?
    Cory spencer - 2001 royal rookies barnstormers 1451/3950 bv? 3?
    Jose morban - 2001 royal rookies futures 2636/4950 bv? 3?
    Bobby jones – 1997 donruss sig series bv 4
    Russ davis - 1997 donruss sig series bv 4

    looking for a-rod basecard/inserts in return. lmk.

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