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Thread: comrie SPX rookie

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    comrie SPX rookie

    hey everyone, i just got a mike comrie SPX rookie 807/1500, so you can cross off the comrie draft day rookie on my wantlist. i will only trade this card for gaborik or some other rookies i need. if you want to know what rookies i need ask and i will post a list.


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    Not trying to hijack your trading post here but just wondered how the quest was going of finding your cards?

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    not pretty sure i wont get them back....only time will tell

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    clint..any way we cud put the Comrie into the possible deal for the Bouchard?

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    it depends what else you would want in the deal. i really would like to keep this card unless i got a gaborik for it since my other comrie rookie was stolen. but if i like the offer then maybe we can do it. do you need to see a card list?

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    keep in mind all of my rookies were stolen except:
    bouwmeester spa auto rookie
    kovalchuk vanguard
    gaborik ud p+p graded sgc 96
    havlat sp game used
    kovalchuk topps reserve
    weiss ud mask
    hemsky rookie redemption

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    Re: comrie SPX rookie

    comrie spx rc lmk a.s.a.p

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