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    1998 Studio Portraits 8x10 cards for trade (Ripken, Piazza, Clemens, McGwire, etc.)

    I have these 1998 Studio Portraits 8x10 cards for trade:

    Travis Lee
    Paul Konerko
    Cal Ripken Jr.
    Mike Piazza
    Roger Clemens
    Mark McGwire
    Barry Larkin
    Darin Erstad
    Mo Vaughn
    Andruw Jones

    The are just like the regular base cards only 8x10 in size, really cool! They would look nice framed!

    LMK and thanks!!

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    What do the Ripken, Clemens and McGwire book and do you have scans?

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    Just incase anybody needs a bv on these cards, they are:

    Travis Lee bv:$0.50
    Paul Konerko bv:$0.50
    Cal Ripken Jr. bv:$4.00
    Mike Piazza bv:$2.00
    Roger Clemens bv:$2.50
    Mark McGwire bv:$3.00
    Barry Larkin bv:$1.25
    Darin Erstad bv:$0.50
    Mo Vaughn bv:$0.50
    Andruw Jones bv:$0.75

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    Im interested in this one. lmk what you are looking for in return. Thanks

    Roger Clemens

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    Would you trade the Clemens, Ripken and McGwire for a game used? LMK. Thanks.

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