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Thread: Etopps Football For Sale!!!

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    Etopps Football For Sale!!!

    I am thinning out my port so for anyone that is interested please take a look at the link below...Thanks

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    Damn, I wish I would have known you had a Portis for sale... I wanted one!

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    Yeah Q, you are suppose to give us first chance, plus you could save a little!

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    Well I had some cards listed here under a different thread for about a week and no one left any replys, all the 01 sold so I figured I would go ahead and put the 02 up on ebay....If anyone see's anything they want and they aren't to many bids on it let me know and I will cancel theirs and make it private for a pre arranged price....

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    Damn Iggy, if I would of known you wanted all of them I would have sold them to you in a lot and avoided ebay's fee's LOL.........

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    I didn't want them all, just figured I'd live you a little boast. I did want a Portis though!

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    Thanks for the bump, what are you willing to give for the Portis?

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    I put $10 on it so if someone outbids me I might go $12 depending on how I feel.

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    Well I hope that somone does outbid you cause for $12 it is definitely yours LOL..............

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    Watch out Iggy! I'm a Portis Fan! :D


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