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Thread: Topps Hockey Rookie set

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    Topps Hockey Rookie set

    Looks like I got a rookie set in the mail today, I think It might be from a redemption I sent off. It is in a plastic pack and looks like 10 cards, Zetterberg is on the top and Chistov is on the back. Anyone know anything about this set? I don't remember if it was a redemption or not. Thanks.

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    It was a redemption that could be sent off to Topps that would get you 10 rookies from 2002-03... There are some good cards in there..... not counting the ones you can see you should also have Nash and Spezza RC's among others.

    So the short answer to your question is that yes it was a redemption and not a bad one.

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    yes it was a redemption..too bad you got the topps one the opc redemption is worth more

    but still a good redemption

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    I got the O-Pee-Chee, I want to get another set so I can open it

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