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    Yogi Berra jersey card #d 1/1-- Prime Cuts FT

    Hi---I pulled this from 04 Playoff Prime Cuts----Yogi Berra "Timeline" jersey #d 1/1---don't know what it books---LMK what you will trade for it---Thanks, "Nail"

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    Nail, I have a sister I can trade for

    Nice pull buddy, I've seen a few packs busted and that is the best card yet. If you're looking to get a certain BV on it, LMK.

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    ok would you rather own this card , the yogi berra jersey #1/1 or a nolan ryan/clemens dual auto dual patch #/25.

    me personally i would rather have the dual auto patch.
    just a thought.

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    I'd also be interested in this Card but it kinda depends on what BV your looking for.

    BTW - Nice Pull Congrat's!


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