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    03 Donruss Classics Mark Prior Quad F/T

    I just got this and am thinking about trading it, I would like to get a auto for it, I would really like a Prior auto but will listen to other offers, card is #d 130/250, has game worn pieces of his shoe, fielding glove, hat, and jersey, BV-$80, LMK if anyone is interested, Thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    also interested, lkn what you need..Thanks


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    I liked your Bonds auto's but they are worth more than th Prior, Thanks

    same deal, I liked the Pujols auto, but your is worth alot more,
    Thanks anyway guys!

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    I recently got an 02 Topps 206 Prior Auto. Need it? I'd like to trade for a different Prior Auto. PLMK.

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    Thats a real nice auto, i do have it, my other Prior auto's are not the same BV as the 206 auto so I really dont have a auto i can offer for it, actually I Am thinking about possibly buying another Prior auto, would you possibly want to sell it and if so how much, LMK, but I wont be buying on until about a week or so

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    Well, I'm actually looking to trade it because I'm not a fan of the "little card" autographs. I'd like to get either a rookie auto of his, or 02 Donruss Best of Fan Club for my personal collection. If I were to sell it, it'd be close to full book since that is what his autos are selling for these days.

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    Yeah, the Best of Fan Club is a nice auto, I thought about maybe buying that one, or there is a real nice one out there you dont hear much about and is very undervalued it is his 02 Playoff Absoulute SP #d to 100 and BV only $60, Thats a nice one!

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    any other offer? LMK, I am open to them all, Thanks

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