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Thread: sammy sosa cards for sale

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    sammy sosa cards for sale

    i got 4 sammy sosa cards the first one is a 1993 fleer ultra card number 24 the second one is a 1994 fleer ultra card number 464 3rd card is a 1994 upper deck card number 510 and the last card is a 1997 upper deck card number 65 all cards are in near mint 8 to mint condition 10 i only sell put what cards you want here and ill give you a price

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    I am interested in Sosa. Are you sure of the 97 upper deck card #65? I can't find that card listed. LMK

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    yes try looking under collectors choice 1997 for that card let me know ill be on for a while its 6pm eastern time let me know thanks

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    i also got a topps 1999 card number 461 homerun parade number 37 of sammmy sosa so let me know what your interested in

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    What are you asking for the 1999 topps home run parade card #37 of Sammy Sosa? gonzo

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    book value is 15 dollars of that card does 10 dollars that sound ok which includes shipping

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    i mean i will sell it to you for 10 dollars which includes shipping sorry for my miswording let me know if thats fine with u thanks

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