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Thread: Baron Davis G/U for trade

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    Baron Davis G/U for trade

    2000-2001 Upper Deck Encore G/U Warmup Jersey. PLMK if anyone is interested!

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    What is BV? I am interested go ahead and check my site and LMK if you see anything you want and maybe we can work something out.

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    The book value is 12 or 15 im not sure. I didnt see anything i really needed off your site.

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    i am interested, check my site and lmk if anything strikes your fancy

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    Hot sauce- 5) 2002 fleer platinum portraits ricky williams jsy bv15
    interested in that and i would like this also in possibly a different trade 12) 2002 upper deck all-star authentics terrence wilkins jsy bv8 PLMK!

    BBallin240-didnt see anything since im not a big collector of basketball. thanks!

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    the wilkins is game used. what would you trade for it? i would preferrably like to keep the ricky williams instead of trade it for the davis. lmk if we can work out another trade for the wilkins though

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    i could throw in some more stuff for the williams because i really want it. i do have a 2003 Kliff Kingsbury bowman rookie. PLMK if there is anything else you need.

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    what other gu do you have around the $8-$10 range? i am also looking for people in my sig, dirk nowitzki, steve nash, daunte culpepper, randy moss, rudi johnson, pujols, and ichiro. lmk

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