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    Anyone have these prospects (long list. you probably have some)

    Andy Marte need any of his cards (might trade in your favor depending on what kind it is)
    2002 bowman draft chrome (any that books $7 or more including refractors and autos)
    rich harden rcs and gu and autos
    brandon webb rcs and gu
    Angel Berroa rcs gu and autos
    Jeremy Reed rcs, autos
    Kevin Youkilis rcs, autos
    Casey Kotchman rcs, gu, autos
    Dallas Mcpherson rcs, gu autos
    Zack Greinke rcs, gu, autos
    J.D Durbin rcs, gu, autos
    Prentice Redman gu, auto rcs
    Bobby Crosby gu, auto rcs
    BJ Upton rcs, gu autos
    Delmon young rcs, gu autos,
    Alexis Rios rcs, gu, autos
    Jeremy Griffiths rcs, gu, autos
    Jeff Duncan rcs, gu autos
    Bo Hart rcs, gu, autos
    Craig Brazzel rcs, gu autos
    Rocco Balladelli rcs, gu, autos
    Cole Hamels rcs, gu, autos
    Miguel Cabera rcs, gu, autos
    Mark Prior rcs, gu, autos
    Kahil Greene rcs, gu autos
    bryan Bullington rcs, gu, autos
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    Please let me know if you are interested in either of these:

    00 Just Mystery Auto Cabrera (Graded 9)
    03 Bowman Chrome Webb

    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    I have a 03 Leaf Angel Berroa Auto and a 03 Bowman Zack Grenkie AU
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